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Chat w/ Siddarth Jain (Playware Studios)

Chat w/ Siddarth Jain (Playware Studios)

August 18, 2017

I sit down and have a chat with my friend Siddarth, who after a couple decades of video game development is just starting his first Kickstarted board game, Avertigos: South China Sky. We talk about the creative process, boardgame development, marketing, and distribution, and running a Kickstarter. Great stuff.

Want to know more about Avertigos? 
The Kickstarter is HERE !

Chat w/ Brie Code (Tru Luv Media)

Chat w/ Brie Code (Tru Luv Media)

August 10, 2017

I had the great fortune to meet Brie Code while I was in Tehran, and she graciously agreed to come on the show to talk about AI, programming, managing creative people, a virtual game development lifestyle, working with huge teams (as she did on Assassins Creed at Ubisoft), and starting Tru Luv Media. A great chat, full of great information for people across the creative industries. Some especially interesting insights on "how things get made" in large game studios. 

Want more info on Brie and Tru Luv Media?
- @briecode on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
- @truluvmedia on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Us vs. Them

Us vs. Them

August 9, 2017

I have a bit of a think about how the world asks us to divide ourselves. Yeah, I am still thinking Iran - but in my defense, I recorded this 2 weeks ago. All still very relavant. I promise, near the end, I talk games, entertainment, and culture... but the beginning is a bit political.

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