Chat w/ Comedian Bhama Roget

July 15, 2017

We chat with Bhama Roget, comedian, voice talent, and actress, known for her roles in Laggies, Eden, and the award-winning web series Wrecked. She's also the voice of the Awakening and Dana Knightstone game series, and Seattlites know her as the crazy Bartell shopper. You can check her out now on YouTube @ The Bhama Show - and see her performing at comedy clubs around Seattle.

Want to know more about Bhama? 
Twitter: @thebhamashow
Instagram: thebhamashow
YouTube: The Bhama Show

Chat w/ Gwen Guo (IMBA Studios)

July 15, 2017

Gwen Guo of IMBA Interactive in Singapore talks about gender roles in Asian business, dealing with anxiety, developing a freelance client base, networking, and much, much more. Highly suggested for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for inspiration.

Want more info about Gwen and what she makes?
Gwen’s Twitter: @gy_gwen