Chat w/ Siddarth Jain (Playware Studios)

August 18, 2017

I sit down and have a chat with my friend Siddarth, who after a couple decades of video game development is just starting his first Kickstarted board game, Avertigos: South China Sky. We talk about the creative process, boardgame development, marketing, and distribution, and running a Kickstarter. Great stuff.

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The Kickstarter is HERE !

Chat w/ Brie Code (Tru Luv Media)

August 10, 2017

I had the great fortune to meet Brie Code while I was in Tehran, and she graciously agreed to come on the show to talk about AI, programming, managing creative people, a virtual game development lifestyle, working with huge teams (as she did on Assassins Creed at Ubisoft), and starting Tru Luv Media. A great chat, full of great information for people across the creative industries. Some especially interesting insights on "how things get made" in large game studios. 

Want more info on Brie and Tru Luv Media?
- @briecode on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
- @truluvmedia on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Chat w/ Megan Gaiser (Contagious Creativity)

July 20, 2017

I wanted to talk leadership and diversity with someone, and I knew exactly the right person to go to: Megan Gaiser has been a transformational leader in the game industry for years, serving as CEO and President of her Interactive, and the principal for Contagious Creativity. She is also the Exec. Producer for the 21st Century Leadership Diversity Summit. 

Want to know more about Megan Gaiser? 
Check out, and join the Manifesto at:
witter: @MeganGaiser 

Chat w/ Edward Li (Twitchy Finger Games)

July 15, 2017

I chat with Edward Li of Twitchy Finger games about Hong Kong and indie game development. This is a straightforward, soup-to-nuts explanation of how to build a game company, and is manditory listening for young entrepreneurs. 

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Linked In


Chat w/ Carlos Hernandez (Too Much Gaming)

July 15, 2017

An in depth discussion of the Philippine game industry and game media with Carlos Hernandez of Too Much Gaming. An absolute "must listen" for people interested in games in the Philippines.

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Website -
Podcast -

Chat w/ Kris Antoni (Toge Productions)

July 15, 2017

I have a very involved chat w/ Kris Antoni from Jakarta about starting and running Toge Productions, makers of the Infectionator series, and one of the most successful independent game studios in Indonesia.

Want to know more about Kris?
Twitter: @kerissakti
Toge Productions:

Ignorance & the Illusion of Experience

July 15, 2017

I talk about the joy of ignorance, and how sometimes it's critical to the process to put your experience aside. 

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Twitter: @ninesquirrels

Chat w/ Vincent Carrella (The Serpent Box)

July 15, 2017

We chat with author and photographer Vincent Carrella about what it means to follow your dreams, what you sacrifice to be a working artist, and what success means. It's one of the most honest interviews I have ever had, and a must-listen for aspiring makers of things.

Want more info about Vincent and what he makes?
Photography Website:
The Serpent Box on Amazon: 
Twitter: @theserpentbox

Chat w/ Gabby Dizon (Altitude Games)

July 15, 2017

I have a chat with entrepreneur, game developer, and businessman Gabby Dizon about founding and running Altitude Games, in Manila. We talk about production, virtual offices, working fromhome, working with investors, and growing a game studio. Lots of great information inside!

Want more info about Gabby and what he makes?
Dream Defense: (Apple) (Google) 
Twitter: @altitude_games

Chat w/ Gwen Guo (IMBA Studios)

July 15, 2017

Gwen Guo of IMBA Interactive in Singapore talks about gender roles in Asian business, dealing with anxiety, developing a freelance client base, networking, and much, much more. Highly suggested for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for inspiration.

Want more info about Gwen and what she makes?
Gwen’s Twitter: @gy_gwen

Failure, Creation, and Social Media

July 15, 2017

I get all mellow and talk about my failures. then I hate it, delete it, and do it again. Because I am meta like that. 

Chat w/ Ariella Lehrer (Legacy Games)

July 15, 2017

A long and involved chat with Ariella Lehrer about her 30+ years of success in the game industry. For anyone interested in the ups and downs of being in the creative industry for the long haul... this is your episode.

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